South Portland Apartment

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Property ID : 150AP

For Rent $1,750 Per Month - Apartment
1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Next Renewal Now 2019
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South Portland. Knightville: Executive furnished one bedroom. The most convenient location in Greater Portland! Located in the heart of South Portland’s thriving downtown district, you can walk to anything you need- including downtown Portland- from this nicely appointed, very sunny, large 2nd floor apartment. Offering big-city elegance, but local charm and whimsy, this just-finished renovation features hardwoods floors, a nice paint scheme, living and dining rooms, a bedroom, a washer and dryer, and off-street parking for one vehicle nights and weekends. In addition, you can walk to the bus line and all major conveniences, including coffee shops, restaurants, shopping, wonderful parks, the greenbelt and waterfront access. As for peace and quiet, this is the only residential unit on the entire city block! $1750/mo. Please note: The price may be subject to change according to the length of the term and whether or not the utilities, internet and cable are included. A minimum 3-month term is desired. Sorry: No smokers or pets allowed.

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